Tencent Invites PUBG Mobile Gamers to Share Exciting Stories in the Dream Team Campaign – You must have read a story about a gamer finding his true love while playing games, or forming close friendships in the game.

Tencent Invites PUBG Mobile Gamers to Share Exciting Stories in the Dream Team Campaign


markvannfoundation – Coinciding with the moment of Valentine’s Day, Tencent Games and Krafton Inc invite members of the PUBG Mobile community to dare to express their feelings to a special figure for gamers through in-game surprises.

As part of the version 1.2 update, at the Dream Team: My Heartfelt Message event, players will collaborate with PUBG Mobile for love confessions, birthday wishes, and expressions of gratitude to teammates, or marriage proposals.

How to? Quoting the official statement, Friday (19/2/2021) gamers can submit application forms and write their short stories.

PUBG Mobile gamers with the best messages have the opportunity to have their messages appear on pop-up banners, in-game billboards and banners installed behind the plane for friends, teammates or their loved ones to see.

Information, this is the first time a mobile game has been used to express players’ feelings in a special way.

“In this event, PUBG Mobile also expressed its care, concern and respect for its players,” wrote the developer.

Exciting Story in PUBG Mobile Dream Team

Furthermore, PUBG Mobile players can also see how popular influencers express their gratitude to the people closest to them.

The first story is Bennymoza and Bangpen from Indonesia. Through PUBG Mobile, the two of them got closer and often played games and made videos together.

So close, Benny and Bangpen now live next door. They visit each other frequently, and their girlfriends and wives are as close as family.

“Benny Moza is a very calm person. While Bangpen is a man who is very friendly and funny, but he can also be a good listener as a friend. Now we are neighbors, so now we are closer, it’s like family. ”

Become a Lover Pair from Main PUBG Mobile

The next story is Lucas and Natalia from South America who meet during PUBG Mobile live streaming and end up becoming a couple.

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, when they are in the game as usual, Lucas gives a heartfelt confession to Natalia, and surprises her with a marriage proposal.

“I just wanted to say, I love you, and you are the most special person I have right now in my life.” wrote Lucas.

“Thank you for everything you have done for me and what is still being done, and you are an extraordinary woman. I have a special surprise, I hope you like it!”

Apart from that, there are more stories from fans that can be watched on the official PUBG Mobile YouTube channel.

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