Celebrate Chinese New Year, Hearthstone Introduces Core Set and Classic Format – Ahead of the Chinese New Year celebrations, Hearthstone has just introduced the Core Set and Classic Format. Interestingly, you can get the Core Set for free considering that it is a substitute for Basic and Classic.

Celebrate Chinese New Year, Hearthstone Introduces Core Set and Classic Format

markvannfoundation – For more details, see the details about the updates brought by Hearthstone below.

Core Set in Hearthstone

After this year’s set rotation, Standard mode will include card sets from the Year of the Phoenix (Mini-Set Ashes of Outland, Scholomance Academy, Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, Darkmoon Races), subsequent expansions, as well as a new Core Set.

This Core Set is free for all players and will replace Basic and Classic in Standard mode as a select set of 235 cards which serve to provide collections.

Later, these cards were distributed to various types of players, and made Hearthstone easier to play for new players. Some of the Core Set cards are coming back from the previous set, some are old favorites, and 29 are new.

Just like the Basic Set, Core Set cards will be unlocked by leveling up each class, with cards directly given to players with the same number as the player’s level when they logged in for the first time after rotation.

The Classic format will also launch in conjunction with the Classic Format set rotation which invites players to arrange decks and fight using 240 original Hearthstone cards.

This is the same as when Hearthstone was first launched in 2014 where the Classic format, Warsong Commander can charge minions, Holy Smite can attack Face, and Leeroy Jenkins has a mana cost of 4.

The reward, rank and season systems in Classic mode will work the same as in Standard and Wild mode, and like those formats Classic will have its own matchmaking pool. In addition to the release of Classic, Hearthstone will also increase the number of deck slots from 18 to 27.
Celebrate Chinese New Year With Hearthstone

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Hearthstone also holds various interesting events which you certainly shouldn’t miss. What are they? Come on, watch it until it runs out.

The new Legendary Quest prizes with a total of 9 card packs from Madness at the Darkmoon Faire and Scholomance Academy will be available from February 10 to February 23.

The Three Kingdoms will be available individually for $ 9.99 in-game and at the Blizzard web shop from February 10 to February 19.

Zhuge Liang Anduin
Guan Yu Uther
Diao Chan Valeera
Lu Bu Garrosh

The above skins are also available in bundles:

• Three Kingdoms Hero Bundle

Zhuge Liang Anduin, Guan Yu Uther, Diao Chan Valeera, Lü Bu Garrosh for $ 24.99

• Three Kingdoms Mini Bundle

Diao Chan Valeera, Lü Bu Garrosh $ 14.99

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