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The MVF Board of Directors

To send email to an executive committee member click a name.  We are always happy to hear from you!

Sam Brown, Director, Executive Committee member

Drew Emmitt, Director

Daniel Gold, Director, Executive Committee member, Event Coordinator (Fayetteville, AR)

Vince Herman, Director, Treasurer

Kimba Herman,  Director, Executive Committee member, Secretary

Bob Hollis, Director, Web Admin, Executive Committee member

Tim Lynch, Director, Executive Committee member, Event Coordinator (California)

Mike Massa, Public Accountant and Director

Eric Squire,  Attorney and Director

Chad Staehly, Director, Executive Committee Chairperson, Event Coordinator (Colorado)


Advisory Board

Melissa Burke, Publicist - Higher Ground Music Presents

Chris Davis - Alpine Insurance

John Joy - Red Underground

Jim Page - Singer/Songwriter

Johnny Pfarr - Leftover Salmon